Thursday, June 06, 2013

The legacy of On Growth and Form

The special issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews on the work and influence of D’Arcy Thompson that I have coedited with Matthew Jarron is finally published. It makes a nice collection – not quite as broad as originally hoped, due to some dropouts, but still a satisfying slice of the way Thompson’s ideas have been received in art and science. It won’t be freely available online, sadly, but the contents are as follows:

Matthew Jarron: Editorial
Stephen Hyde: D’Arcy Thompson’s Legacy in Contemporary Studies of Patterns and Morphology
Edward Juler: A Bridge Between Science and Art? The Artistic Reception of On Growth and Form in Interwar Britain, c.1930-42
Matthew Jarron: Portrait of a Polymath – A Visual Portrait of D’Arcy Thompson by Will Maclean
Peter Randall-Page: On Theme and Variation
Assimina Kaniari: D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form and the Concept of Dynamic Form in Postwar Avant-Garde Art Theory
Philip Ball: Hits, Misses and Close Calls: An Image Essay on Pattern Formation in On Growth and Form

I’ve put a version of my contribution up on my website, under “Patterns”.

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