Friday, December 14, 2012

New articles

I have an article in Nature on thermal management of computers, which is also available online via Scientific American. Before I spoke to folks at IBM about this, I’d have imagined it to be deadly dull. I hope you’ll agree that it isn’t at all – in fact, it strikes me as perhaps the big potential roadblock for computing, though talked about far less than the question of how to keep on miniaturizing.

I also have an article on supercapacitors in MRS Bulletin, which can be seen here. But I have just put a longer version on my website (under Materials) which contains the references chopped out of the published version. This follows on from an article in the MRS Bulletin September Energy Quarterly on the use of supercapacitors in transport in Germany, which can be downloaded here.

In fact I have just put a few new articles up on my web site, hopefully with more to follow. Oh, and as well as writing for the ultra-nerdy MRS Bulletin, I have done a piece on emotion in music for the ‘supermarket magazine’ The Simple Things, for which you can see a sampler here. Nothing like variety. I’ll stick the pdf up on my website soon.

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