Monday, February 15, 2010

In which I become a Rock Legend

… or in which my past comes back to amuse me. In the course of a little research to prepare for my talk on The Music Instinct, I discover that buried within the Classic Rock Sequence played by BBC6 last Saturday is yours truly on keyboards. Now there’s a thing. Some day I might show you the photos. (No, that’s not me posing next to Dave Brock, but you know, it almost could have been.)


cromercrox said...

Am deeply, deeply envious.

Philip Ball said...

You needn't be. You know very well how thin is the veneer of glamour. Anyway, I've always envied your BX3.

omnivorist said...

Keep it in proportion Philip. We were all rock legends at one time or another. Take myself, for example .... played bass with Rick Fenn - later of 10cc.
When rock legends are climbing their way to stardom, they are bound to have to scramble over some of the rest of us.