Friday, April 13, 2012

Something for the weekend

I was on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week programme this week, still accessible here (for just a day or two) on BBC iPlayer. And a copy of the book just arrived in the post – it’s a fatty, out at the beginning of May. I’m currently most of the way through Peter Carey’s The Chemistry of Tears, and enjoying it as much as I knew I would.


JimmyGiro said...

"We need to regulate science..."

All hail chairman Phil; our scientific luminary, who will put the people's science on the road to the Utopian uplands of the Republic of Islington, North Londongrad.

So tell us Pip, what will be your first 5 year plan?

Philip Ball said...

I will wrest control from North to South Londongrad. The revolution is coming.