Saturday, March 24, 2012

On looking good

I seem to have persuaded Charlotte Raven, and doubtless now many others too, that Yves Saint Laurent’s Forever Youth Liberator skin cream is the real deal. I don’t know if my ageing shoulders can bear the weight of this responsibility. All I can say in my defence is that it would have been unfair to YSL to allow my instinct to scoff override my judgement of the science - on which, more here. But as Ms Raven points out, ultimately I reserve judgement. Where I do not reserve judgement is in saying, with what I hope does not seem like cloying gallantry, that it is hard to see why she would feel the need to consider shelling out for this gloop even if it does what it says on the tin. Or rather, it is very easy to understand why she feels the pressure to do so, given the ways of the world, but also evident that she has every cause to ignore it. No look, I’m not saying that if she didn’t look so good without makeup and rejuvenating creams then she’d be well advised to start slapping them on, it’s just that… Oh dear, this is a minefield.


JimmyGiro said...

You big girls blouse; or should that be 'brown-cheese-cloth' shirt?

Looking at these feminists like Raven and Mensch, I see the product of wanton pederasty. They look like prepubescent boys; shaped by their feminist mentors, who are primarily gay men, and misandric-lesbian women (I believe most natural lesbians do no hate men, hence the qualifying term 'misandric', as a demarcation for their innocence). And the biggest clue of all is the 'brazilian waxing' fetish; as only a pederast would describe the child-like depilated pudenda, as sexy (Raven avoids the explicit, but uses the implicit way of describing the alternative in unflattering terms: 'fluffy minge').

The gay men see these images as a direct turn-on; whilst the misandric-lesbian might see herself as the giant attractive boy, to dominate little girls.

Further, a simple device to see whether a feminist writer is part of this neo-fascist perversion, is to replace words such as 'men', 'women', and 'feminism', with words like 'Jew', 'Herrenvolk' and 'National Socialism' respectively; or the latter with any other of your favourite left wing utopian ideologies.

Speaking of fashion, again run almost exclusively by homosexuals, we have Raven extolling the virtues of Utopian dress sense:

"Susan's bare face and cheesecloth shirts signalled her seriousness of purpose."

But don't be in a hurry to sling those old brown shirts out just yet, you may need them again for the next 'wave' of femofascism: millions of Jews gassed in the 40s, to millions of boys doped up on Ritalin in the present 'nice feminine' holocaust.

Philip Ball said...

Jim, it was just a wild hunch but I had a feeling that you might have views about Charlotte Raven. Having been reading a lot about Nazi Germany just recently, however, I can't quite see her as Hermann Göring with threaded eyebrows (no, I don't know what those are either).

JimmyGiro said...

... The deluxe model has real pubic hairs!

According to Adolf Galland, Göring (I just stole your umlaut!) was prone to dress outrageously, even on 'duty', so that when they had the actor playing him in the film 'Battle of Britain', he was conservatively dressed in his bright light blue uniform.

So I can't see Göring dressing as Charlotte Raven either, owing to the latter being too dowdy.