Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Times does The Music Instinct

There are some extracts from The Music in the Eureka science supplement of the Times today, although oddly they don’t seem yet to have put it online. It’s amongst a real mash-up of stuff about the ‘science of music’, which is all kind of fun but slightly weird to find my words crash-landed there. The editors did a pretty good job, however, of plucking out bits of text and getting them into a fairly self-contained form, when they were generally part of a much longer exposition.

I notice in Eureka that Brain May, bless him, doesn’t believe in global warming. “Most of my most knowledgeable scientist friends don’t believe that global warming exists”, he says. Come on Brian, name them. Have you been chatting to the wrong Patrick Moore ? (Actually, I’m not too sure if chatting to the other one would help very much.)

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