Sunday, January 21, 2007

Water in biology

I have started a new blog called Water in Biology, which does what it says on the can. My hope is that it will act as a forum for presenting and discussing new research on the roles of water in the living cell. It seems that barely a week passes without something new and interesting coming out in this area, and I’m sure I’m seeing only a fraction of it. This will hopefully be a way of keeping track of what is out there, and hearing some informed opinions about it. It’s a controversial area, and I’m well aware that there are risks in setting this up: the behaviour of water in biological systems has been something of a magnet for weird and often not so wonderful theories. I hope to keep them at a distance. No doubt it will seem terribly elitist to the likes of the homeopathy enthusiast who expressed such disappointment on about my book on Paracelsus, but I’d respectfully suggest that if homeopathy, Jacques Benveniste’s digital biology, or Masaru Emoto are your bag, this site might not be for you. (I’m sure there are lots of others that are.)


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